New Re-Build: Lose Display and PC Restarts!! Loose GPU 7970? HELP

Hi all,

I just finished rebuilding my new gaming rig:

Here are the specs:

i5 - 3570K
2X4 CORSAIR VENGEANCE RAM 1600MHZ in 1 & 3 DIMM (I did have issues when I started to try and install 16GB so I left it at 8GB which took a while to get to work again)

INTEL HEAT SINK (that came with the i5, I couldn't reuse my KUHLER as it's got AMD fixings)

The Problem is I keep losing the display and screen goes black.

This is very common if I lightly tap the case...the screen goes black (off) and can come black again/licker on and off/partially show/pixilize...tap again and it can restart, you hear the been and the every thing resumes as if nothing happened...and then it will say your pc ran into a problem blah blah blah....

Sometimes the screen just shuts off with no signal and won't come back on at all until a reboot.

I can loose display in games...I just started MOHW (2012) and all was ok until I clicked single player. The adisplay black screen then no signal and the fans stared going crazy so I shut it off via the button...AMD rig had no issues here.

As you may know the 7970 is HUGE (hangs loose almost) and it barley fits my CM HAF 912 PLUS case but I bent the HDD tray so the GPU is FREE to move (maybe lightly touching) can the vibrations be shaking the GPU?? I have like 3-4 HHDs atm and I have no place put them...

If I lightly move the GPU inside the case it does the same can it be this loose? It's in the X16 slot closes to the CPU....

I tried to yank the HDMI side to side but that doesn't do anything...display is not lost this end it tightened down with 2 screws.

All fan are spinning and on restart Q code reads A0 which I believe means all it good.

All drivers for the 7970 have been installed and upgraded and the CCC seems to have all the features and I manged to set the resolution to 1080p after installing W8.

I installed all I could for the ASUS MoBo except for the ASUS AI SUITE II as last time it chased W8 and I had to reinstall leaving it for now.

Also I plugged my HDTV in and was gonna watch a movie and it was making like clinking noises like a timer...

Also playing Far Cry 3 I noticed some lagging when I played on my AMD on ultra no sh*t I was getting absolutely no lag and the game was running so smooth I couldn't believe how smooth it was.

I did play BF3 and SR3 on ultra and the run very smooth but the screen can go dark again...

BIOS shows no symptoms...and the rig runs very well other wise.

ONE THING I DID TRY: I turned off the pc and pushed up the GPU at the opposite and of the HDIM so it was parallel with the floor (the GPU is sagging atm) and then I tapped the case harder and harder and the display didn't even flicker?? Just stayed on as normal. As soon as I let the GPU return to it's normal position the display was lost once again...

NONE of these symptoms were there when I had my old AMD setup...

Any ideas??

all the rest is the same.
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  1. First thing that comes to mind is PSU, Coolermaster is not known to be a good brand. Did you try your old GPU in your new PC to see if you still had problems??
  2. Cooler Master GX - Tier 4 - Not Recommend for stressful situations. May not be able to put out full rated power above room temperature, and may slightly fail to meet ATX specs.
  3. chugot9218 said:
    First thing that comes to mind is PSU, Coolermaster is not known to be a good brand. Did you try your old GPU in your new PC to see if you still had problems??

    PSU? Hmm, I was told it would handle this GPU...and I NEVER had any issues with it since I got the rig about a year's been very good.

    So will I need a 750W other make?

    No I haven't tried the 2GB R6950 but I might as well it ran very well also.

    Is it common for GPUs to be that loose?

    Other than that the PC works fine just this losing display and loose GPU doesn't seem to be faulty and the board is brand new and I haven't noticed any issues except the RAM thing but that seem to be a common problem.

    Anyone think of anything else?
  4. It is not the listed wattage that is your problem, it is the low quality components of Coolermaster PSU's, if the PSU is the problem that is (which it sounds like to me).

    And when you say the PSU performed very good.... anything past not working and not exploding in a PSU is considered "working well", that does not mean it is not low quality or that it may not fail in the future.
  5. Ok, the reason my games cut out display could be because of this PSU.
    So is the power delivered less because of the poor components? As this IS a bigger card AND it requires 14 pins and not 12 like on the R6950.

    One more thing, I have 4 HDDs plugged it atm...could this be causing this too?

    It's temp as I had 3 HDD in my old build but since I didn't want to DBAN my W7 OS HDD I left it and used a new one for W8.


    Here is something I just tried.

    I cable tied the power cable to the HDD tray to lift the CPU up and now when I tap and slap the tower till it swings side to side I don't get ANY cutouts or flickers...

    I even wiggled the GPU and nothing cut outs.

    I still have to try a game.

    Anyway here are the before and after...I have to cable tie all my HDDs as I still cannot find any HDD caddys...


  6. OK I tied to play a game with the GPU tied.

    Played Battlefield 3 on ultra from the start to the point where the building collapses on you and quit game.

    Had no issues, the game was running very smooth and the screen stayed on for 50 mins. I even tried my HDTV and it was just as good.

    So I am confused how it's ok, now...just by tightening the this something the makes didn't think of, that the GPU is heavy and will sag so much??

    I will test it with something else also.

    The clicking noise I mentioned only seems to happed when on desktop and watching stuff thru a video player...paying games and watching YouTube on HDTV is fine.

    I use Gom Player so I installed VLC but it's still making skipping noises...I don't remember this issue with my AMD rig.

    I even used a different cable and different HDMI slot it did make a slight difference but there is still a skipping noise.

    My ASUS 24'' LCD monitor is running fine though when it comes to sound and everything else.
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