Interested with CF XFX Radeon HD 7870 Ghz Edition

Like the title states.

Card looks relativley inexpensive to Crossfire with good reviews. Has anyone had personnal experiences with these or is there a better card out there to Crossfire within that price range?

I play @ 1920x1080 resolution

Looking to pair with:
Processor: i7-3770k Ivy Bridge 3.5Ghz
Mobo: Asus Sabertooth Z77 or the Gigabite one - undecided
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  1. Just get a single card like the 7970, it's more cheaper than two 7870, without micro-stuttering or smoothness problems and crossfire troubles with gpu usage, see if a game doesn't support crossfire or there ain't drivers for that game, a single 7870 will performs much less than a single 7970, also performance wise it will be almost the same.
  2. +1 to the above suggestion
  3. Excellent, any particular 7970 you'd recommend? Is the microstuttering that you talk about across the board with Crossfire and SLI?

    I hear people using 2 cards alot and I just really want to try it, but then I also hear a single card will work just fine.

    I play on a single monitor with the resolution stated above to games like BF3 and FC3. I would think fairly graphic intense games.

    I currently have a Powercolor HD 5970 that does fairly well. No some recent games have been giving it troubles as far as keeping decent FPS. I like to maintain atleast 60. Rumor has it that the Radeon 8000 series may be out in January. Is this something I may consider to wait?
  4. actually a 7970 will only get about 30fps more MAX than a 7850/7870 single. in crossfire it will perform much better. look at benchmarks before you buy
  5. kjbrown972 said:
    actually a 7970 will only get about 30fps more MAX than a 7850/7870 single. in crossfire it will perform much better. look at benchmarks before you buy

    single card for sure. crossfire is poop, it gives an inflated FPS number but it does not translate to that kind of performance by the time the image hits your monitor with dropped frames, runt frames, and high frame latency and stuttering. Don't just look at benchmark figures that are measured with fraps, new testing methods with FCAT frame monitoring tool show you don't get the fps measured with fraps output on your monitor.
    have a read through that article to see what you really get with crossfire.
    I used to have crossfire 6850's and within a month of getting the second card sold them both and got a single card, and its a MUCH smoother playing experience despite the FPS numbers of the crossfire setup being pretty much equal with the single card.
  6. that might change my mind when i get a new card in a few weeks, but i don't have the money for a 7950, i only have enough for a 7850 now and a second later
  7. I have a Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 and I love it. Runs all my games maxed out no problem (just on one monitor though). I bought second one to crossfire with and I haven't had any problems. We'll see once I start adding monitors to the setup
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