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Hi, I just signed up after it was recommended by a friend to ask the community if the parts I'm buying are okay and such and if they are within my budget so I'll try to give out enough information that I can remember right now and the parts I have. What I'm looking for is maybe someone you know has a better deal and whatnot and what parts I can maybe toss out that might not be useful or over my budget. Thank you guys!

My budget is to be around $800, can't be near $900 and it's for gaming purposes mainly with maybe some other things on the side.

Monitors are already in my house so they're okay. Preferred place to buy would be at

Location: San Jose, CA


I5 Intel Core :

Power Supply:


Graphics Card:



Cooler/Fan :


Optional (recommended by my friend):

Speakers would be nice since I lost my good pair last year. Does anyone know a good brand with a low price as well?
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  1. id get this

    there isnt any point of SLI 660s. 2 of them just equal a 680 and in return, equals a 670.
  2. Noob12 said:
    WTF? AsRock pro4/ pro3 is worst MoBo in market. It has worst power handling to cpu that any Z-77 MoBo has.
    As good as asus? Well any real proof of that? Several test testify that power issue what asrock has on pro3 and pro4.

    What power issues ?
    It has the same power phases as the asus.
  3. it doesnt. asus uses digital pwm while asrock uses the older analog pwm designs. go look in the list in my sig if you want. the pro4 (which is better than the pro3) is not even recommended for overclocking
  4. It overclocks just fine, there's a review of the pro 3, saying that, of course if you want overclocks above 4.5 ghz you need a much better cooler, there's nothing wrong with analog pwm.
    The asrock z77 pro 3 or pro 4 is a good board under the price.
    The asus is also good, but more expensive.
  5. TheBigTroll said:
    id get this

    there isnt any point of SLI 660s. 2 of them just equal a 680 and in return, equals a 670.

    I really liked the pricing but then I realized that the OS was missing.

    Even after adding it though, I did like the pricing still so this could be my pick. I'll research a bit more. Thanks though!
  6. By the way if you want SLI with two 660 ti, get the asus LK, not the LX.
    As for the asrock mobos, i just made a suggestion, you're free to go with any mobo you like.
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