First Build-Need Approval on Parts

Hey tom's community,

Doing my first build here, just wondering what you guys think of my list of parts that I want to get. Mainly looking at whether or not all the stuff will run as cool as possible with what I have and won't have any space problems and is mainly more bang for my buck and if there are spots to go cheaper but still have same level of quality. I'm planning on running my build on (full settings, BF3) at 1920x1200/1080p 37" on an LCD TV. Without further ado, here's my list of parts:




Case (Out of the three, which will be the best price-wise, space-wise, cable-management-wise, features-wise, and cooling-wise)-
Cooler Master Storm Scout-

Cooler Master 912-

Cooler Master RC 430-

CPU Cooler-

SSD (Already have a 1tb hdd that i never used that I'm going to use in this computer)-

RAM (I'm going to buy a pair of Ripjaws 4gbx2 1600mhz and just want to know if having Ripjaws and ripjaws x at the same memory capacity and clock speed will be bad/not work)-



Alright that's it. Let me know what you guys think or have questions about!
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    For the mobo, this one is cheaper and better :

    For a case get the HAF 912.
    That card is expensive, there's a good asus for less :

    In my opinion an air cooler the like hyper 212 evo is cheaper and efficient.
    Also do you really need a bdrom drive ? if not get a dvd drive.

    There's also an incredible offer right now on this psu :

    It's made by seasonic.
  2. I like the build! I wouldn't get the asus 660ti over the msi 660ti though. The price difference is like $15 and the Msi has triple over volting. If you plan on overclocking your gpu get the Msi version! Also I would get the HAF 912, I actually have a HAF 912 and they are extremely nice! Last, the hyper 212 evo is way cheaper and will give you the same performance. My i5 3570k is at 4.5gz on my 212! Build looks good overall though!
  3. The asus also overclocks well, both are good cards, the asus is more quiet, and cheaper.
  4. Thanks for the input, I'm going with the Asus 660Ti card you suggested django, as well as the hyper 212 evo, and then i'm getting two cooler master megaflow 200m fans (one for the top, one for the front, and the front 120mm fan ill move to the side). As far as mobo, I'd rather take msi over Asrock because I get the feeling from doing research with Asrock, that they're of a cheaper quality. That being said, I'm torn between the MSI z77-g41 or the asus p8z77-v lk. I really don't want to have to spend an extra $40 if i don't have to, unless msi's boards are reputed to be bad.
  5. They're not bad the msi ones, but the asrock boards are better, asrock for sometime has offered quality mobos, either in lga 1156,1155, 2011, or with am3/3+.
    Here's a review of the pro 3 :
  6. if you had to choose between the asus and asrock, which would you choose? i'm personally thinking the asus due to its reputation and higher quality.
  7. The asrock z77 pro 3 is fine, no need to spend more in an asus board, the good boards from asus are expensive.
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