Screen turned black, laggy mouse, BSOD

Okay, I built a new PC this is the second time this has happened, My screen went black all I could see was my mouse pointer. When I tried to move my mouse pointer it was laggy like who knows what. After 10 secondsa of the black screen my computer got a BSOD, it said it was dumping physical memory for like 4 seconds before rebooting.

I think it might be the PSU, so I'm getting a replacement but it might be something else. No viruses, its a fresh install of windows. Only steam games. I want your opinion on what it could be.

BTW: My PSU is a coolmaster 500watt. I'm getting a new one, Corsair Enthusiast Series TX 750 Watt.
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  1. with new build before you install the os make sure the mb and ssd bios and firmware are up to date. a lot of the z77 and older mb need new code for cpu and ram and some video cards. i would install the bios updates and then set the mb to factory defaults. then reboot and go back in and turn on xmp profile for the ram. (if it an intel mb). i would also make sure that the ssd or hard drive on the intel/amd chipset sata port and the sata ports are set to achi mode not ide.
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