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this is about buying a whole new PC, so I apologize before hand if I can't find the right place where to post the message. I have 1500€ budget. This is what I have in mind:

Chassis Corsair Carbide Series 400R Mid Tower. Would rather get another Lian Li (mine is 10 years old) if I get a good local seller and a good price.

PSU Corsair 850W CP-9020043-EU BOX, didn't make numbers but I am sure than for the initial configuration is more than enough, wondering if it will perform so well in case of setting up SLI/Crossfire in the future. Whoever, I believe I will rather upgrade to a new generation GPU whenever it comes before buying the same thing in 2 years.

GPU Gigabyte Radeon HD7970 3072MB 384bit OC. I have been always Nvidia but honestly nowadays reading at the numbers and comparing the prices, I am really unsure what would make a better deal? This is the most expensive part of the machine so any advise is really welcome.

RAM 16384MB 1600MHz Vengeance LP Blue CL10 (2x8192) Corsair

CPU i7-3770 3.40GHz 8MB BOX. Could get the K version just for a few bucks more but really struggling with the budget. However never been to kind when it comes to OC the hardware. If you guys can convince me would consider tho ;)

MOBO GA-Z77X-UD5H (Z77 3xPCI-E DDR3) - I am using this brand since like years never had a problem, always open to try any other. Experiences with this one are welcome.

SSD Kingston 120GB 2,5 SATA SSD SV300S37A fro the O.S. and programs + my old SATAII 2TB for files.

Cheap DVD recorder

MONITOR: oh man, this part is the one giving me headaches... really... didnt mind too much at the beginning, I am currently having a 5+ years Fujitsu 22" which is completely obsolete to keep with the new rig... thinking about 24", but those catalyst 27" with high res. are getting into my eye.... ISP I dont mind, I want to play BF3 and I am fancy to play shooters so... TN panel better? Here need really help.

So thats it. Hope you guys can put some light any comments opinions and advises are more than welcome. If I post this in the wrong please please forgive me, move it whenever it is the best and I will follow there, is my first post.

Thank you so much guys in advance.
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  1. If this is a gaming build use the i5 3570k since hyperthreading wont help

    and 2 x4 gig of RAM , 1600 MHz , 1.5 volt or less. More than this wont improve performance

    and you need a 550 - 600 watt PSU
  2. Thank you so much for your advice.

    After a quick googling and reading some threads in this one it seems that you are right, hyperthreading is something than my current P4 has (LOL) so you figure since when I am out of the loop....

    I can save some good money in the CPU which I can use elsewhere like the monitor, something I don't know yet what to buy.

    if I use Photoshop is for a few family pictures, nothing professional, and gaming/watching movies is what I want to do. Still unsure about the K version but the difference is too little so i might go for it.

    Thanks again.
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