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I have an msi 560 ti hawk. I also have an antec 300 case. In the future should I add another card that is either the same or similar, or should I get a new card entirely. Keep in mind I am mind, I am mindful of a budget, which is what lead me to a 560 ti in the first place.
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  1. You should keep what you have till you have an issue with it... Then at that time see what you can get for how much and decide if adding a second 560 ti is better than a newer gen card. But until you are ready to do the upgrade it is pointless to even ask.
  2. Agreed w/ Derza10

    prices fluctuate so much and technology changes so much that we can't tell u what will be the best option 4 months from now.

    if you upgrade this month, it would probably be best to get another 560 Ti, but prices may drop enough in the future to get a new card all together.
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