Really weird issue with my PC..idk???

Hello, I recently upgraded my video card from a ATI XFX Readon HD 5870 to a eVGA GTX 680 FTW 4Gb card. Since the new card was put in I had a big problem, everytime I play a game, it could be 5 secs when it gets in game to a week longest it lasted before the screen would go black, sound keep playing for 3 secs then start sound looping for 3 secs followed by computer shuting off and rebooting on it's own. I thought it was the card so I sent it off RMA and got a brand new one in. Same issue :( Sooo since my cousin got a new custom build PC that I built for him which is newer componets then mine I decided to slap my GTX 680 in his and get back my old ATI 5870 card and ran a test to see in my computer would still do it with the old card I had in mine and see if the new GTX could do the same to his PC like it did mine...its been almost a month and no issues with either computers..0_o Soo I'm begining to wonder if their is a issue with my rig causing a really weird conflict issue idk but I pretty much decided to share and see if anyone might have an idea to whats going on im lost on this one lol I'm thinking it time to upgrade my MoBo, CPU and ram to the lastest as well and that fixing my issue, idk I hope so lol

My Rig, Intel i7 920, eVGA X58 SLI 3, Corsair Dominators 6Gb 1600Mhz, Ultra X3 1600 watt PSU, WD Raptor 10k Hard Drive.

Cousin rig is the Latest of AMD parts thats out now, 4150 FX quadcore CPU, 8 Gigs of Ram, ASRock MoBo, 750 Watt PSU, WD 1Tb Hard Drive.
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  1. so you removed all traces of the amd graphics software and CCC ? before you installed the nVidia driver?
  2. ^+1

    Sounds like a driver issue to me.
  3. Must be a driver issue
  4. Thanks everyone for the replys and yes I forgot to metion I thought it was a driver issue too so I reinstalled windows just to make sure, same issue. I also updated Bios, latest Nvidia Drivers even tried Beta everything I know what to and still same problem on my PC tring to use my new GTX 680 card but my old ATI 5870 card works fine in my computer with everything and my brand new GTX 680 work flawless in my cousins new gaming rig I bulit him for Christmas which is all up par with the latest computer parts out now. I'm thinking it has to be hardware related issue or something with my computer, only thing I can think of is my MoBo doesnt support my new card well, idk but I'm guessing it time to start upgrading the rest of my computer.
  5. are you using the same operating system?
  6. Yeah we both have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on our PC's.
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