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Best HD 7950 for OC'ing and Xfire under $300

Hi All,
Pretty much what the title says. I think I've narrowed it down to the HD 7950 so now I want the best one to OC and for Xfire and under $300 (or very close if there is a very good reason to spend a little more). I'll only be buying one at this time and next Christmas I'll pick up a second, unless the next gen of cards is just amazing or drops the price of the current gen by a lot.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Edit: I forgot to say, it's strictly for playing games, WoW, Civ5, Borderland 2, new SimCity, and some FPS (not sure yet) on a single 120 mhz refresh rate monitor @ 1920 x 1080p
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  1. Well I guess your from USA so I'll use Newegg as a referance site. The MSI 7950 Twin-Frozr (, its slightly over your budget but if you want powerful overclock this is a card which'll suit your needs.
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    Since you plan on running CF cards this is the only card that's a 7950 that gets a full recommendation.

    Article on it is here.,3207.html
    And the conclusion was that it was the best (the new version has the same cooler but not the lower clock so you can disregard that).,3207-14.html
  3. Dang, forgot about the IceQ! They are without a doubt the best non-reference 7950's on the market today. So if you don't mind spending the extra money follow Andew's advice and go with the IceQ.
  4. Excellent, thanks for the help guys. Only problem now is the article got me thinking maybe I should be looking at the 660 ti.... Just can't seem to decide.
  5. I wouldn't. It's not nearly as good. I'd just stick with a 7870 then if you want to take a step down. The 660 is more comparable to the 7850 which is two steps down from a 7950.
  6. Exactly what Andrew said, the 660ti is not a good card for the amount you pay. Look around for a nicely priced 7950 non-reference card. ASUS (DirectCU II), MSI (Twin-Frozr), Gigabyte and HIS (IceQ) are great examples of good after-market cards.
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