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System crashing

firstly, I'm sorry if this is not the right section for such things.
recently I'm experiencing strange system crashing while playing Battlefield 3, sometimes after 5 minutes of launching the game, sometimes after 30 minutes, the whole PC crashes, the monitor says "No signal" as if I shut down the PC, the "Num Lock" light is on, but doesn't respond if I press the num lock key, and I can still hear the fans working inside the case, and the light inside the case is lit, and then I have to shut down the PC by holding the start up button on the case. (restart button doesn't work in this case)

if I start the pc right after, I check the Graphics card's temperature, and its 65-63 and cooling down.

my specs:
core 2 quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHz
AMD Radeon 6850 HD 1GB
I don't know the PSU brand but its 450 watt
motherboard is Intel DG41RQ

I know it's old, but it can run BF3 at medium smoothly, and this crashing started happening 2 days ago.

I never OC'ed anything.
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  1. Just a guess. But sounds like it is the power supply.
    Put in your components etc and it will give you the estimated watts. (i came up with 440) So no headroom at all. Which may be causing it to crash in your high graphics moments while gaming.

    Does your card work fine in another system?
    Any errors in your system logs?

    Wait for a few more posts. Lots of graphics guru's around here.
  2. Yeah same with me , it sounds like your system is taking too much power. You need a new powersupply something with more juice. I'd recommend the OCZ 600 ModXStream Pro Modular PSU.

    Hope I helped
  3. Could you look at your PSU and let us know the exact model - there might be issues here.

    Install and run gpu-z. Tick the box in gpu-z that says 'Log to File' then run your game again. Examine the log and let us know what temps are being reached.

    Give the inside of your pc a good clean, especially around all fans (chassis, cpu, gpu).
  4. thanks everyone for replying.
    it turned out that my PSU is 550 watt, and as for the brand, see this picture I took with my cell phone camera:

    and for the GPU-Z log, I couldn't figure what should I look for, so here it is:
    please note that I played BF3 for 45 minutes before I upload this log, and the PC didn't crash this time.

    and the result I got from newegg calculator is 447 W
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    Is this the original power supply that you have been running with this system ? I do concur it sounds like a PSU issue from your discription of the problems you've been experiencing with the intermittent issues.
  7. I didn't understand what you mean by "Original", but thanks for replying, I will buy a new PSU.
    thanks everyone.
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  10. What I mean by original is it the same PSU you have been running since you first got the system or have you replaced it recently.
  11. Orlean said:
    What I mean by original is it the same PSU you have been running since you first got the system or have you replaced it recently.

    not recently, I have used this PSU for 7 or 8 months, and I never had any trouble with it until this.
  12. When you get a new psu stick to Corsair, xfx, there's one more.. antec i believe but can't think this morning :D
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