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GTX 460 1gb maybe a 2gb?

Hey guys, so I was looking at my MSI AfterBurner and opened it up to see how much memory my GPU eats up during games. When I opened it up, under the memory setting it says "Memory Usage, MB" and then says 2048 as the top amount it can use. My GPU is a ASUS GTX 460 1gb and GPU-Z reports 1gb VRAM, but is it possible that GPU-Z is not reading from the RAM itself and maybe is reading from something else because MSI AB reports what looks like 2gb. So my main question is, could this possibly be a 2gb card whith the wrong label?

Thanks guys! :)
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  1. If it's a 2GB card with the wrong label , you can't complain really :') best way to check what's going on is to run a different application which can tell you what parts you are using etc. You can also load GTA IV and see how much memory the graphic settings allows you to use.

    Hope I helped
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    They didn't make GTX 460 with 2 GB of VRAM. So yea, you're probably just looking at the max value of the graph, which can be set in MSI afterburner options.
  3. Haha yeah I know! I hope it's 2gb, that'd rock! Sadly, I don't own GTA IV. What other programs would you suggest? I could also run BF3 on max settings to see f it goes over 1gb. I do only run a 1280 x 1024 monitor though, so I am not sure I can max a whole 1gb with that resolution, but i'll give it a shot!
  4. It's not 2GB card. They don't exist...
  5. Sunius said:
    It's not 2GB card. They don't exist...

    Yes they do. But you're probably right about the graph.
  6. No, they don't. They only made 768 MB and 1 GB versions of GTX 460.
  7. there is a 2gb from EVGA, probably custom, wasn't sure if ASUS did it too because they also make a lot of custom cards.
  8. Sunius said:
    No, they don't. They only made 768 MB and 1 GB versions of GTX 460.

    that is nvidia reference specification but board partners are free to add more VRAM if they want to. same case as GTX580 3GB model.
  9. Hmm okay. Though, I still cannot remember any 2GB GTX 460s.
  10. i haven't seen one either. during the GTX460 era even 1.5GB VRAM on GTX480 was quite excessive to many.
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  12. Thanks guys! I bet it's the graph because I am not aware of a 2gb ASUS card. Thanks for the quick responses!
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