91 degrees in Far Cry 3?

Holy crap, at stock clocks my card has never hit these temps before! I have a HD 7850, and those temps are crazy considering not a single one of my other games gets past 70 degrees. Anyone else getting similar temps?
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  1. Who is your card made by, HIS? because you dont want temps that high on any game
  2. My HD 5770 also hit 90-94 when playing Far Cry 3.
    I cleaned everything and still same temp.
  3. Hmm that sounds like a very dangerous level for a GPU to get to what is your current case situation. Is there a way to add airflow/exhaust out of your case?
  4. Its not the graphics card its ONLY Far Cry 3. Every other game is perfectly fine.

    I have a 600t, its not the best for airflow, but its a good case.
  5. Oh yea I had that case for a day had 2 560Ti's in it and it was as warm as warm could be in that case. Do you use the mesh instead of the window? What CPU cooler do you use. There are a lot of places for fans so there may be room to work with the air flow of the case to help.
  6. Make sure your cable management isn't blocking any fans, because something in the game is making your GPU run at higher settings than other games, and either the fan isn't powerful enough to handle FC3 on ultra. Try turning your settings down/getting better airflow and more case fans, a PC can never be too cool.
  7. Well also the 600T is pretty bad with airflow cable management will help certainly but you want to make sure you have enough airflow in that case or else your cpu and gpu will suck that air drier then the Sahara desert.
  8. I can't help cable mgmt because the cables are so short... maybe I'll open the video card and clean inside and/or redo the thermal paste... it is an old GPU (almost 2 yr).
  9. I took off the heatsink from GPU, cleaned it out and redid the thermal compound... now it's peak 74 degree. It was 94 (scary). 45-50 idle, it was 60+ idle. Very nice.
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