GPU not working after installing CPU

Hi everyone,

After installing my i5-2500k, my GPU stopped working. This was a a Radeon HD 5670.

The card was still being powered but wasn't showing video or being detected. Thinking it was the GPU I just ordered a new one, a Radeon HD 7850, same problem.

The card is being powered, but it's not being recognized. The PSU shouldn't be a problem because it was working perfectly with my Radeon HD 5670.
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  1. what was the cpu before the 2500k? motherboard make and model?
  2. Sounds like your motherboard BIOS is set to use your integrated video as the primary video device. Connect you display to the motherboard video connections. Start the system. Go into the BIOS. Change the video settings. Save. Shutdown and connect your display to the GPU. You should now be good to go.
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