Need help rebuilding a PC

So my main goals are:

1. Linux support. I'm using Arch Linux with Windows 7
2. Gaming. I'm currently playing Path of Exile, Skyrim, and other games. But I do want a decent graphics card to replace my HD4890
3. Quietness. That means a good case, good CPU/GPU cooling.
4. SSD, preferably 128GB but 64GB will do too, since I already have a hard drive.
5. Budget: As cheap as possible, but realistically I don't want to go over $600-$700


What I have so far:

1. 640GB hard drive for use as extra storage.

2. CD/DVD drive/burner.

3. Intel i5-750, from my 3 year old PC.
If I *do* keep this CPU though, I'll want a new heatsink for it because right now it is loud.

4. 4GB ram:

It's from my 3 year old PC. It's DDR3 2000. I don't know much about ram compatibilities with motherboards, processors, and other ram, but 2000 sounds odd to me. Also I want to upgrade to 8GB, so if anyone can find me an extra 4GB that will be compatible, that would be great.

4. 650W Corsair power supply. It's 3 years old though, not sure if I should buy a new one to be safe or not.


**What I'm looking at:**

128GB ssd:

It's an M4 ssd. Those are fast, right?


GTX 650 ti

Okay this GPU is relatively cheap and is much faster than my HD 4890. The only questions are: How well is the Linux support? How quiet is it?


**What I need help deciding on:**

A new case - Kinda want it to be a bit small and light, with good cable management and airflow.
A motherboard
Power supply
Nice whisper quiet case fans, maybe with lights or something :)
8GB of new ram, or 4GB of ram that will work with the one I have now.
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  1. I heard that the ATI drivers for Linux were horrible, so I'd rather not get the Radeon GPU unless someone convinces me otherwise

    That memory is nice, but what do you mean it is compatible with CPU coolers?

    That CPU cooler looks nice. Also the reviewers said it's quiet.

    The case is a bit too expensive...
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