My GPU is super slow on Tf2 (Radeon HD 5770!!)

Hey guys so I bought this kit from tiger direct

I also used my friends old 5770 along with that kit... Problem was no 6 pin connector so I had to buy this

NOW I have all the right drivers and whatever but I am dipping to under 20 FPS every 5 seconds on Tf2 5 vs 5 BOTS!!!

Is it a power issue based on the links I showed? Is it the adapter? Would this adapter be better

Last question if I could exchange this card for a GTS 250 woudl that take up less power overall?? I know its worse but I have no need for maxing games out I just want the simple stuff to work!!






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  1. So yea any help woudl be appreciated Thanks again everyone
  2. Adapters in general should not hurt as long as you have enough power(those 2 work the same, just one takes from SATA while the other takes from LP4), what else is in the system or did you get the recommended bundle as well(cpu ect).

    Do you have Vsync on or off? What screen resolution? What settings? ect. A 5770 should be ok with that game.
  3. It's probably your CPU. What have you got?
  4. My guess is that the PSU isn't providing enough power to your video card and I bet that adapter isn't helping things either. Just buy a PSU with 2x 6-pin PCI Express connector and enjoy your gaming. Depending on if you want to upgrade to crossfire or your entire system in the future I would consider a a higher quality PSU but if its just for gaming with that video card I think you'll be good with the $40 range.

    Please post your entire system specs so we may help you better.
  5. Thanks guys I updated my original post with my specs
  6. Any chance you can take a look on the power supply to see how many amps the 12 volt rail has. If more then one look for a combined rating.

    I mean I had no problems running a 5770 on a lower wattage power supply as long as it had enough of its power on the 12 volt rail.

    To be fair, the 5770's do not need THAT much power from the PCI-E plug as it is(maybe 30-40 watts at full load the other 75 watts should come from the board).
  7. Components seem good. These are the possible scenarios I can think of:

    You have low space on your SSD or HDD and you're using too much RAM, you have page file enabled and since you have low space on your SSD or HDD things will perform shitty, but Windows should give you a warning when this happens so I'm guessing this isn't it.

    PSU isn't giving your card enough juice on the 12v rail.

    Post specs of your PSU.
    Buy better PSU.
  8. Still think it's the CPU - check your temps under load. Deneb doesn't like going over 65C.
  9. ******* tigerdirect advertised a 450W PSU but it turns out its only a 150W one!!!

    Thats the picture of it, so for sure its the PSU than right?
  10. Well, no not really. You need to sum the other wattage belonging to the +12v, -12v, +5VSB and you'll get the 400w.

    Still, you only have 25amps on the 12v rail, though I can't get any info on the minimum recommended amps the AMD page says the PSU should be minimum 450w.
  11. Funny thing here is it says 25 amps @ 12 volts, but the listed wattage under it is only 237(19.75 amps)

    25 amps would be 300 watts. What do you trust now.

    That is what they call BS in the industry.

    I would also like to point out that if it only has 19.5 amps, it is worse then my 300 watt power supply(22 amps). I know for a fact that runs a 5770 without issues.

    I am not 100% sure here, but things done look too good for that power supply(despite all games I have played on a 95 watt cpu + 5770 being under 200 watts at the wall, but I am not sure I can even trust a power supply with such messed up ratings), I would be more interested in game settings as well. Vsync on vs off(source engine does some strange things) for one as well as turning down or off any AA.
  12. The problem is your 450w NON 80+ rated power supply.
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