Constant system crashes idle or gaming loud speaker noise

HI I have a home built pc which over the last few days has done nothing but crash. Id estimate at least 30-40 crashes since friday 25th jan 2013.

First I'll give you the spec:
Case Antec 1100 various case fans
CPU: Intel i5 3570K
cooler: Zalman CNPS9700-led CPU Cooler
PSU: 850 Power Cool PC850UM Modular
Motherboard: GA-Z77X-UD5H
Primary HDD: Samsung SSD 830 series 128GB
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance Racing Red 4x4GB CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9R
Gpu: 2x KFA2 GTX560 SLI

Right now for the problem. Bearing in mind that this pc is only 6 months old and has run fine during that 6 months. over the last few days whilst playing a game or watching vid on youtube or when the pc was just sat at the windows desktop not doing anything the PC would freeze completely and give a loud buzz over the speakers. Sometimes it would power offer after a few seconds of it being frozen sometimes it just stays frozen until I power it off and back on. Im quite technical with PC's so Im willing to try quite a few things to solve this.
Ive never overclocked a PC as this is one area I am lacking major knowledge I wouldn't know how to even if I wanted to.

On friday night it froze about 10 times whilst I was taking to a mate on skype and trying to play starcraft 2. I eventually gave up gaming and decided to take the plunge and reinstall windows 8 thinking its some setting that changed. So I reinstalled windows 8 fresh and it froze again within minutes of it booting.

My next call was my 2 graphics cards. I took one out of the case and booted with just one of still crashed. I swapped them over and tried the 2nd card....still it crashes. I reinstalled the latest 310.90 nvidia drivers and tried old drivers. still the same issue.

I'm then thinking about PSU and maybe heat issues but Ive monitored the CPU and GPU heat with HW Monitor and the CPU is mid 30s idle and mid 50s on load and GPU Ive seen hit 66 degrees maximum on full load. I was running the CPU with stock intel cooler that came with it but I had the zalman hear so I installed that in case it was heat but still it crashes.

So I swapped out my PSU from a 750W Corsair 750TX to the Powercool 850 UM and it still freezes.

I ran memtest86 and my memory passed all tests. Ive spent more than 20 hours in front of this computer this weekend trying different bios settings. I also updated the bios the latest version.

I'm now about to tear my hair out Im running out of ideas. My only last thought would be motherboard. So in efforts to just get something running I unplugged both gtx560's and plugged my monitor into the on board DVI socket as I know the 3570k has an onboard intel 4000 built in so I could give that ago. This also freezes up the computer even faster. this time with lots of artifacting. Ive taken a video with my iphone and uploaded it to dropbox here:

Ive never had a motherboard fail on me and I'm looking for advice if you think Im right in say this MB needs RMAing back to or has anyone got any more ideas because Im running out.

Sorry for the long winded explanation I just need to get this sorted before I waste any more hours on it.
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  1. Look slike you did a lot of our work for us :). Always nice to see people put in effort themselves. Anywho this is what I suggest. If you have a currently working pc or can grab a copy of a linux live cd I would do that as that -should- check if their is any problem with your boot disk. The boot disk is really the only thing you haven't tested besides the motherboard and there really is no good easy way to do that.

    If it crashes during the linux live cd then its highly likely to be your mobo causing it. At the point after the crash I would disconnect everything unnecessary, hdds, only use one stick of ram, gpus, etc.

    Thats my current train of thought. Hope I helped.

    Edit: just realized you tested ram in memtest, that takes a while, it didn't crash during that so it could very well be the SSD.
  2. Any hints in event viewer? i/o errors? Timeouts?
  3. ty Im downloading ubuntu live cd now and will use that on the pc for a while. I'll also see what I can do about testing the SSD. I do have a traditional HDD which I could put windows on for now if the SSD id kaput. ty for your help. I'll be back shortly to let you know how I got on. I did look at the event viewer several times. I see the Critical error where the kernal loses power but looking at events just before it there isnt anything out of the ordinary. However with the on board GPU being used it crashes within 30 seconds of booting so I dont get much chance to see the event viewer unless I put one of my gtx560's back in it.
  4. I tested the ubuntu live distro for over an hour and no issues. Still back in wondows it crahed like mad. The good news is Ive solve d the problem Im just shocked what caused it.

    It was a dodgy sata cable to the SSD. I swapped it out for a new one and hey presto no more crashing...its been 2 days now and so far so good. I just wish Id have tried the cable before spending 20+ hours on trying to sort it out hehe.

    I cut he dodgy one in half and binned it.

    Many thanks for your help and good luck to all pc geeks and there crashing problems. Maybe this might help someone else one day ^^
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