Should I return my just bought GTX 660 SC?

I had problems with my home build gaming HTPC, and ended up getting a DOA Radeon 7870 from NewEgg immediately replaced by the Geek Squad at Best Buy with an EVGA GTX 660 SC. Damn thing cost me about $270 after taxes and now I'm feeling buyer's remorse, especially now that I see NewEgg offers a Radeon 7950 for just $290 that includes 3 free games.

I know Best Buy has a 30-day hassle free return policy. What do you guys think? Is it worth making the switch?
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  1. Absolutely worth making the switch, you are to be getting a faster video card, and 3 games for $20. (I assume you will be paying the difference?)
  2. I would the Radeon 7950 is a great GPU and you get, just as good if not better than the GTX 660 SC
    - FarCry3
    - HitMan
    - Sleeping Dogs
    - Medal of Honor WarFighter Limited Edition (20% off digital deluxe)

    Dang thats good

    So realy 3 games, and 1 20% off coupon
  3. How about getting the super-clocked GTX 660 ti? I can get it for $10 less actually (after rebate) with a free copy of Assassin's Creed.

    After reading some reviews, seems the GTX 660 ti is better than the 7950.
  4. I wouldn't say the 660Ti is better than a 7950 since the new driver updates, it's in fact quite a bit faster.
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