GTX 560Ti HAWK and 2 displays??

so when i try to use 2 1080p monitors, both of them use DVI. i plugged in 1 monitor, it worked! and when u plugged in my 2nd monitor.... both monitors get no signal.... why is this? is the gtx 560ti not able to run 2 DVI monitors? also my 2nd monitor only has a HDMI and VGA port so im using a HDMI to DVI cable and a DVI-D to DVI-D on my main benq monitor.
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  1. try connecting it with a vga cable and a dvi to vga adapter.
  2. dont have any vga cables. i throw all of those away.
  3. Do you have an HDMI cable? Maybe try plugging the monitor with HDMI into the HDMI port instead.
  4. i have tried DVI DVI, DVI HDMI, and i even botherd to try VGA to DVI adapter and HDMI and vga to dvi adapter and DVI and none of them worked.... if it makes a difference my DVI cable is dual link and my DVi to HDMI cable has dual link pins
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