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Help With Onboard Graphics Detection?

Hi everyone,

I have a Gateway RS780 motherboard and currently using a GTS250 graphics card. I'm doing an RMA on my graphics card, so I will need to use my onboard graphics until I get the replacement.

Here is the problem - my monitor won't detect my onboard graphics. If I remember right, there is some type of way to change the primary but I can't seem to figure it out.

I tried device manager, but the only thing showing up is my graphics card itself. I also tried to download drivers from the gateway website, but the only video drivers they have for my desktop model is a 32bit W7 and a 64bit Vista (I have W7 64bit).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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    on older mb you have to pull the gpu out to get the on board chipset to work. if it does not come on...or before you pull the gpu look in the bios to see if they have a setting to turn on/off the onboard video. (ipgup).
  2. Taking out the graphics card did the trick, didn't know you had to do that.

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