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Hello, I am almost ready to build my PC and I can get hold of Windows 7 for £15, however it does not include a disk, just a code, meaning I wouldn't be able to install without a disc (I assume). I will be able to request a back-up disc though, and was wondering whether this would work?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Um, which site did you find that gives you a code for that price? if its the one im thinking of i do not believe its legit. Can you link the site? you might be getting ripped off.
  2. It's a special deal through a family members work, where you are given a discount code, so it is definitely legit. Thanks for the concern :)
  3. u need a dvd to install windows 7, unless u know someone that owns windows7 and u make an .iso file and make a bootable usb version of windows7 and use ur serialcode.

    but thats if u know someone, if not ull have to buy a retail or oem dvd for windows 7 sadly.
  4. ok, which version of windows 7 are you buying?
  5. Thanks for the reply. Would a backup disc not count as a DVD? Also, I'm not sure about which version yet.
  6. not really, u need a dvd of 7
  7. Ok thank you, I'll just buy retail version then. On amazon I can get Win 7 or Win 8 for the same price (£70/$109). Which one is recommended for gaming. Also should I buy the full version or service pack 1?
  8. windows 7 as its rock solid and windows 8 is still new. so stick with something aged :)
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