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Hey guys, first time poster but long time browser.

Anyway, I'm getting the Asus VS247H-P and thought about getting an external TV Tuner to go along with it. Here in a college dorm, we have cable straight from the wall but I believe it is unencrypted (we don't use a box, but have every channel from ESPN to Discovery and even some in HD). Preferably I would like an HD TV Tuner to pick up the few HD channels available.

Any help and suggestions would be appreciated,

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  1. Are you using a PC to connect?
  2. About the only external device that I'd recommend in your situation would be the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Dual. It's networked attached and has both ATSC and ClearQAM tuners (though I'm not sure you can use both at the same time).

    -Wolf sends
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