If 16-port switches are used on 80 computers & 5 servers with 10 laser print

If 16-port Ethernet switches are used to upgrade a network, that has 80 computers, 5 servers, 10 network ready Laser printers, & a hardware firewall & wireless access points, as well as anti-virus software on the computers & servers, how many would be needed? Also the printers shouldn't be all connected to one switch, instead distributed so that one is available for every 8 computers.
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  1. When is your homework due?
  2. how many access points and they are software firewalls not devices right
  3. Um... number of total devices divided by 16. Yay for math! Maybe a few extra due to the printers per switch requirement but that's a bit false as having a printer on a different switch from a PC will not stop that PC from connecting to it, so there is no need to have a printer per switch per 8 PCs unless they are all in their own subnets.

    And don't play on your iphone in class when you should be listening.
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