Need help. Faulty PSU or card?

Hello everyone!
I was hoping that someone here could help me. I have been having some trouble with my video card and I'm not sure if its because of a faulty PSU or simply a video card problem.

It started not long ago, whenever i play any game, my screen becomes corrupted with static lines. My monitor then turns blue or black and my computer freezes.

When i restart, the PC is able to successfully reboot, however the lines do not go away, and the systems freezes again shortly after. Its only when i do a system restore to a point when i didn't have any video card drivers installed is when my system works fine with no corruption on my monitor.

I uninstalled my drivers (together with driver fusion in safe mode), reinstalled a fresh copy of the drivers but unfortunately the lines come back on the screen.

I used several programs to take the following screenshots:
(would also like opinions on the range of these voltages)
I noticed the voltage readings on SIW were a bit high, but hmonitor says they're fine.

System specs:

Antec 902
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD3-B3
i7-2600K Processor 3.4GHZ
16GB system ram
Radeon HD 6870
Corsair CMPSU-750AX
1 Flash Media Reader
Onboard Sound
Sceptre X226W
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  1. I doubt that it's your PSU. It's very likely GPU-related. What driver version are you installing? Did you get the latest from
  2. Tried it with the latest version from the amd website, the version that Windows Update downloads, and even the version on the CD that came with the card, and none of them work.
  3. Sounds like it may be a defective GPU. Do you have another PC you can test it in?
  4. No, unfortunately.
  5. I'd try to RMA it then. What brand is the card?
  6. sapphire i believe

    edit: will do that, thank you for your help.
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