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I have a home network with 4 computers in my home. I recently finished a small apartment (MY Mancave) in my shop. I ran my existing phone lin from the telephone box on the outside wall out to my cave. The phone works well but I wnat to also have a computer with internet capability. What can I set up in my Cave to give me internet capability. Router, switch another modem???


Whitey Cook
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  1. You can run a CAT 5e cable (up to 100m max length) from the router of your home network to the apartment. Once there, you can connect it directly to a computer, or to a new router that has the DHCP server function turned off (since the router in your house will do that) and use it as a wired hub and wireless access point in the apartment.

    Another possibility is to use a wireless router in your house, depending on signal strength and the stuff in between the home router and apartment, you may have an adequate signal to make a wireless connection from a computer in the apartment.
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