No signal when computer is on to monitor

So I've got a problem where when my computer is on the monitor won't receive a signal. The things I've done to try and fix it are- Take out the power cord and hold pwr button down for 30 seconds, installed a completely new motherboard, installed a completely new graphics card, I tried cleaning my RAM, I used DVI and VGA both of which didn't work, I've tried 2 different monitors both using VGA and DVI which didn't work. My computer specs are: MOBO - Asrock 970 extreme 3, GRAPHICS- Radeon 7850, CPU- AMD x4 phenom II 970, PSU- Lepa 500w. Any suggestion please let me know!!!
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  1. Sounds like a problem with the video card, do the fans on the card spin? Is this a new build, if not has everything worked Prior? Do you have an old video card you could plug in to see if it works? Are all the cables tight? Are any lights lit on the monitor? Is the card seated correctly on the MOBO?
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