Msi gtx 660 ti pe

hi good day,

im looking for some settings for nvidia contral panel just to make games look beter any help?
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  1. You can try doing some changes,but it is not recommended and changing the settings in the global settings tab will end up worsening your experience i.e. it will apply changes to all games even the ones that doesn't need any while simultaneously you can suffer performance hit.
    Something that you should change is the v-sync option in manage 3d settings and set it to adaptive.This way you'll always get smooth frame rates but not higher than 60 fps.
    However nvidia has preferred to use high quality texture filtering specifically for the game skyrim(not to be set through global settings).
    Games do come out with poor anti-aliasing techniques.So for these games you may use FXAA On and disable the in-game anti-aliasing mode.Again do not set it in global settings,select the game you wish to tweak for from Program settings and then apply your changes.
  2. thnx man that helps alot.... then obviously you can add changes to settings in the game right? Or if youve set it in the control panel do you leave the in game settings?
  3. Yes you can... by keeping aa mode to enhance application setting.
    If you have enabled a setting like anti-aliasing from control panel then use only that setting otherwise both the control panel aa setting and the in game aa setting will be applied and that might end up being to much for the gpu to handle.Same goes for other settings such as anisotropic filtering,ambient occlusion,etc.
  4. so my final question for clarity just cause im a newbie so bare with me.... heheheh
    is it beter changing the settings in control panel for games or in game
  5. Feel free to play around with the Program and Global settings in the Nvidia Control Panel. Here are a couple guides:
  6. thnx alot thats what ive been looking for :)
  7. No problem.Your welcome!
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