hi guys i want to know how much watt PSU is required for Asus NVIDIA GTX 670 DC2T 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card to run on my computer. i currently have a 450 watt PSU
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  1. Depends on the rest of your system as well, so having your system specs might help.
  2. Yeah, full list of specs please. 450w is borderline though and realistically, probably not enough juice.
  3. nvidia recommends 500w. i think those recommendation are based on ordinary PC which means no OC for cpu and gpu and no SLI. if you put OC into consideration maybe you want to up the the psu requirement a bit like using 600w psu. if you want to use SLI in the future then much bigger PSU is definitely a must
  4. I wouldn't endorse running it on a 450w psu, even if it's a very well designed one. What brand is the PSU (if it's not a top quality brand, you should definately not use it, it could damage the PC, if it's good quality and has good protections it maybe safe to try but I would expect it to be unstable).
  5. I think you should go 600Watts + you cant have to much power, and you never want to take a risk on messing up your GPU that would be bad!
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