Computer Biuld for programming C#


I am very new to this field and I am currently learning
C#. I also tinker with drawing and photo editing with my Intouis 5
but with trying to upgrade my computer and the drawing tablet may not
not work. If their is a happy medium I could reach with both that would be great.
I have done a lot of research on all types of upgrades for computers, it has my head spinning.
which Processor, RAM, Hard Drive is best for me and thats why I am here.
I am on a budget and want a medium build for my computer but
dont know where to start. I would appreciate it for some imput
on this topic. I have a dell computer as of now and it is very slow.
Any advice would much aprreciated where to start, what to read, what
path should I take? I djust need HELP.

Thank you,

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