Nvidia geforce 8400gs 256mb vs geforce 7300 le 512mb

nvidia geforce 8400gs 256mb vs geforce 7300 le 512mb which one's better vga??
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  1. Both of them are terrible cards, even integrated graphics are better. But the 8400gs is slightly better even though it has less memory.
  2. The 8400gs would be a at least twice as fast. At has 4 times as many shader units and twice as many texture units.

    Ram on those cards is not really a factor unless you running some huge resolution like 5760x1080.
  3. They are not terrible cards they are just old. They are 5-6 years old now, so of course they wont keep up with the gpus integrated into a modern i5 or i7.

    If you have a Core 2 Duo System chances are your integrated GPU is a GMA X 3500 or a GMA x4000. If that is the case the 8400 would be about 300% faster. Not to mention it would free up the system ram that the integrated graphics is using.

    If you have an older AMD athlon x2 or something like that chances are you have an HD3200 or and HD4200. If that is the case the integrated gpu is probably about the same or a little better.
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