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I recently order some parts from and after I had assembled the computer, it was working fine until I started streaming and playing a game. The screen shutdown as if the computer was off but was not (lost connection to the video card assuming), continued to play music for a few seconds, then repeated the same second of music over and over again until a hard shutdown. General overview.

Recently, I have ordered a ASRock 970 Pro3, a AMD FX Zambezi Quad Core 4.2, a CoolMaster Case, and Gskill 4GBx2 1866MHz DDR3 Memory. I transplanted my old powerr supply, fully functional and is spec with the MOBO, and my old video card as well as the old hard drive. Clean install except for the hard drive had an error with Windows, so I had to re install Windows. I expected some gruff from Windows due to the new components.

After a while of light work, I finally got it up to functioning, and able to game. Game went fine, then I decided to steam. I checked the CPU and the MOBO temperatures with the ASRock program that came with the MOBO and they were fine, about 45 C for the CPU and I think 38 to 42 for the MOBO. I'm unsure about the motherboard because it didn't look significantly high. After the initial error, I tried it again with the same result, and it seems whenever I put a strain on the memory, while observing Task Manager, the problem would occur. One of my friends, who seems semi knowledgeable, more so than I, about errors such as this, he said to use a MemTest tool.

After running the tool I found out I had an error with an address in my memory, around 7.94GB. I'm unsure what a majority of what the screen told me, except for the fact I had that error in memory so high. So, I removed one stick, leaving the one in the A1 slot there, and tested again. It was fine so I tested stick #2 in the A1 slot. It was fine. I retested them both on slot B2 and both work, but when tested with both of them in with the Dual Channel configuration they would show an error. I have yet to try them without dual channel, however, does this imply the MOBO at fault or the Memory Sticks at fault? I am still within my RMA limit, and would rather not have just a 4GB memory System. Also, I'm unsure if this matters but as I had stated before, the memory was 1866MHz, and the MOBO states something like 1866(O.C.). Does this mean Over Clocking? Would this effect the performance or, even worse, incur the problem I have been having? Originally I would have just assumed the Memory Sticks t RMA, but I would like to have my computer fully functioning as soon as possible. Thank you for reading, and if there is something I have left out, please ask.
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  1. The recommended Voltage of the RAM is 1.5V and the Bios is set to 1.5V as well.
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