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overclocking an old low budget gpu. can play fallout new vegas on ultra with about 20ish fps. max temp ive seen was about 60c and stable. not bad i think, higher oc than most ive seen. and yes i know its not that great of a gpu, but hey it works!

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  1. It is all air cooled too. antec 300 case, intel core 2 duo e7200, 5 gig ddr2 ram
  2. All that on stock voltage? Have you done a kombustor test, or the like?
  3. yes, with only about 55c temp.
  4. How long did you do the kombustortest for? I don't know much abot your particular card, but if that is stable, then you got lucky.
  5. about 1 hr, i think my case has a lot to do with it, i mean tom's rated it as one of the best for airflow and whatnot.
  6. I had that gpu in my old rig, I wouldn't reccomend overclocking it. At least for me, it became unstable after even the slightest overclock.
  7. yeah, i thought it would be unstable, so i overclock a little bit at a time. after testing i seen the temp did not change much, not the fan speed, so after a while i overclocked it to the max msi afterburner could do just to see. to my surprise it ran stable. day 5 running it like this with no crash or artifacts on my games.
  8. When I tried to overclock mine the temps weren't the issue. Rather I was getting artifacts in kombustor and gameplay. Like Wanderer said, if your card is stable, you got lucky.
  9. i only payed $30 for it off of a friend who needed cash and i needed a gpu for now till tax time. im slowly upgrading everything. but for the games i play this card is not bad considering the OC, which give my old build a bit of new life. lol
  10. Wow nice work m8. You just got your card to GT430 performance levels. I guess you got lucky and got a higher binned GPU but still its pretty amazing.
  11. i would try to do more OC, but this is the max msi can do, all other programs either wont do as much or wont let me do all 3 (core, shader, mem)
  12. any ideals on gpu oc software besides msi, asus, evga, and ntune?
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