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How to remove the windows 7 administrator password which has been forgot and can

pls guide me.
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  1. a_rezaeetrading said:
    pls guide me.

    Very simple. Can't do it. Against forum rules.
  2. Google it or ask his ^ wife.
  3. a_rezaeetrading said:
    pls guide me.

    thg rules:
    can't help you with password protection bypassing and there is no way to verify you as the system's legitimate owner.
    you can try a few things:
    use a password recovery disk.
    try to remember the password.
    take it to the customer service and ask them. provide proof of ownership when asked.
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    I find it really hard to believe someone can possibly forget a password that they use everyday. I smell BS :)
  5. Major_Trouble said:
    Google it or ask his ^ wife.

    + 1 ^^^
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