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Should I buy a Nvidia card for video editing?

I am not a professional video editor. In fact, I am a student. Anyway, I just want a video card that can help me render my video faster. As far as I know, most Video Editing programs support CUDA :ouch: :ouch: :ouch: ( I am using Corel Videostudio) . That makes me go for a Nvidia card, which is more expensive, more power consuming,... .I don't have a lot of money. So going for Nvida is my only choice, right?
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  1. well if you know nvidia supports the program you are learning and possibly will be using to make a living off from then you should stick with them
  2. Don't forget the more CPU cores/threads available, the faster the render. And consider using your RAM (if you have 16-32 GB) for the target location, using a free tool like DataRAM gives you the absolute fastest write speeds.
  3. iknowhowtofixit said:
    CUDA performance on gaming nVidia cards is a joke now that its artificially limited. If you want CUDA, you are pretty much limited to an nVidia Quaddro. Supposedly Corel is moving toward full OpenCL support, which means that AMD Radeon cards would be a nice option when they incorporate OpenCL.

    That being said, you aren't left with too many good options in this case as Quaddro cards are expensive and there isn't OpenCL support yet to use an AMD Radeon with Corel.

    So, that basically leaves you with upgrading your CPU. If you are on an older socket, that may mean upgrading your motherboard and memory as well.

    Could you list your computer specifications so that a more educated recommendation can be made? Please include brands and model numbers for the following (CPU, GPU, RAM, Motherboard, PSU, HDD)

    Sorry. I mean I am a student at school and editing videos is a hobby. I don't use my computer to edit long movies, just short videos.
    I am not an American (Vietnamese) and please don't laugh at my computer.
    My PC:
    -E5700 <---- I will get a quad core, maybe Q9650, Q9550S or Q9505S
    -Nvidia GT 210 <---- This is why I am saving money.
    -Ram 4GB DDRIII
    -ASRock G41 Vs3
    -A stupid "Made in China" PSU that says: 250W (+110W max) ( I calculated the power consumption and if the video card wattage is under 65, everthing should be fine) :fou:
    -150GB HDD
    This PC is a joke, right?
    I don't have money for a new mainboard.
    I will get a quad core first. I hope in can buy it for about $120 (but not in dollar of course)
    Then I will get a Video card. I may have enough money to buy a GT 640 OR a 7750. The 7750 outclasses Gt 640 BUT it doesn't support CUDA ( WHYYYYYYYYYY ). However, I must wait until next year. By then, the new 700 seri of Nvidia should have come out. So should I choose an expensive Nvidia card OR get a AMD card and wait for a miracle such as Corel supports OpenCL.
  4. Get much more RAM....
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    You're going to need a new power supply for a decent video card. If you want CUDA acceleration right now, your best bet is to try to find an older 500 series Geforce card. The CUDA capabilities of the 500 series cards are not crippled like the 600 series, the big drawback is the 500 series is more power hungry.

    Your other option of course is to wait, save up some more money to upgrade more components, your CPU, RAM, power supply, and video card can all use an upgrade. Maybe by the time you have money saved up for all that Corel will have added OpenCL support, and you can go for a Radeon card. Otherwise, you'll have to hope Nvidia decides to not cripple CUDA on the 700 series, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that.
  6. Thank you all
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