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I looking for a card which provides a hdmi or a composite (RCA, I think (I just need the yellow, red and white inputs)) input to my computer, just to watch tv from my setup box and record eventually, but I have not found a card for that, nor a good software (just for watch, not record). Please, help!
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  1. Anything from Hauppauge should do the trick(HD PVR needs an addon(from the website) to work with MCE).

    You are looking for a capture card.

    You may have a hard time getting a HDMI one as the copy protection will not allow them to work(they work off the Xbox 360/Your HD camera/ect, but that is about it).

    If you can capture from component video you can get better image, but the capture cards cost quite a bit more.

    For watching and recording, Windows Media Center works quite well, just make sure the card supports it and a Hardware(has its own cpu to do the compressing) card is generally better then a software(SoftPVR uses the cpu) card.

    many sites sell them.

    That said, SD tv does not always look that great on the computer, but should still be ok.
  2. Ok, Windows Media center let me watch and record, so I just need to install the card's drvers and it will work?
  3. http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_colossus.html
    or this one is better?
    (I'll use win8, probably...)
  4. The first card is quite old and does not have a listing for Media center(more for video conferencing and stuff).

    The second card does have a plugin for media center and should work with component video for better quality. It is a near (or is) top end card. Again HDMI from a set top box may not work(HDCP copy protection.).

    Now it is important to know that media center is NOT suitable for playing console games on as it has at least a 1-2 second lag(due to the hardware + the way media center works.).

    Windows 8 does not come with media center and has to be purchased as a package addon($10 or so, kind of dumb as it was FREE on windows 7). You can get Media Center free for windows 8 Pro up to a certain date(Jan 31st).


    Either way, I think you are on the right track.

    I am not sure if you have lots of Media Center users on this forum so I will also link you do TheGreenButton as they are a media center forum.


    I currently have a ATI TV wonder 650 usb(one of the few hardware based usb capture cards. Full discontinued and unsupported). And while it works, it is not that great(audio distortion if the cable box is too loud/lowering that makes the video very quiet. My Wintv PVR 250 from before had far better audio.).
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