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Could a 300 Watt PSU handle A Radeon 7750?

I just recently bought a dell for $500 and i wanted to upgrade my GPU to a Radeon 7750. Here are my specs:

-intel® Core™ i5-2320 Processor (3.0GHz, 6MB Cache)
-8 GB Memory
-1TB (500GB x 2) Hard Drive

I dont know if this matters but i have a viewsonic 1920x1080 Monitor. I havent checked if i could even add a video card to computer, but ill check soon after which graphics card to upgrade to. I currently have a Radeon 6450. I also dont know the model of my PSU. I read on the forums that it could maybe handle it and maybe not. If not please tell other choices of Graphics cards i could look at. Thxs
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  1. Well that 7750 dsnt need and power pin so yes. It consumes 47W (furmark) so yes you are safe !

    Just to be 100% what model is your psu ?
  2. Umm i dont know. Where do i check?

    Here is the same computer that i bought:
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    Well that 6450 need 20 W and 7750 (47W furmark) needs 20 more. So it wont be a problem ! Get it
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  5. Can you link me where you got this information?
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