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Hello all. Last year about this time I built a new computer. I built it on a budget and have been very happy with it. The build consisted of the following:

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 AM3+ ATX
GPU: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 1GB
Hard Drive: Mushkin 120gb SSD and WD 1TB Green Drive

I am currently running Windows 8.

Ive been playing Borderlands 2 and Dishonored a lot, but have been finding that in both games the framerate drops quite a bit at times. Im looking to see if there is any of the hardware that I should upgrade that might help with these issues. Maybe its just cause I went with AMD and if it is I would like to know. I can build a new computer if I need to, but am trying not to. Any information is greatly appreciated.
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  1. What monitor resolution?

    Dishonored isn't a resource hog, you shouldn't be having issues with that one.
  2. twelve25 said:
    What monitor resolution?

    Dishonored isn't a resource hog, you shouldn't be having issues with that one.

    Im playing at 1920x1080. I played Dishonored again today and had not a single problem. Not sure if it matters, but the last time I was playing my son was streaming some video from my computer using the PS3 Media Server. But when I played for a couple hours today, there was not a single problem.

    Borderlands 2 on the other hand I had issues with. I wasnt running any framerate checker, but it dropped to probably 15fps at times. And I dont even have my setting set to high.
  3. Well I would say it definitely matters if your computer is doing other things. Obviously it was causing some contention with the game.
  4. Yeah, you are definitely right about that, but even when I turn off every background application possible I still have low FPS at times in Borderlands 2. Im figuring I must need some type of better hardware. There has to be something that will help.
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    Well my i5 and Radeon 7850 ran Dishonored perfectly at full quality, but 8120 and 6870 shouldn't be far behind.

    Looking at benchmarks, 8120 and 6870 both should be capable of about 50fps on Borderlands 2.

    If you wanted to just throw hardware at it, an FX 8350 with a small overclock and a Radeon 7870 should do the trick.
  6. Thanks Twelve. Im starting to think that since I do have money now, maybe I should think about building an Intel system. They seem to run much smoother then my AMD system does. If Im going to upgrade both my CPU and Video card, it might be something I should be considering.
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