Good gpu for gaming on a laptop under $200

What is a good GPU HD graphics card for around $200 that will be compatible with my Sony Vaio 15.6" laptop? I play games like Left 4 Dead 2, DayZ, Team Fortress 2, and other Valve games. Thanks
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  1. It's in most cases not possible to get a new GPU for a laptop, I'm sorry to tell you. :(
  2. Laptop GPUs are virtually always integrated into the board in laptops. Impossible to upgrade after you purchase it. Only a handful of high end ($2k+) gaming laptops would let you upgrade later.
  3. A way to play high end games is via the ONLIVE game service this works quite well on even basic laptops but is nowhere near as good as a decent gaming laptop.
    Unfortunately you have to pay for it!:( :(
  4. Sorry cant upgrade laptop graphics unless you have a high end gaming one
  5. You can get an external video card adapter but why waste the money and even game on your laptop. Especially if you're looking for a GPU under $200. Not worth it man. Save up money and upgrade to a gaming laptop or a desktop.
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