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HD 7970 or GTX 680

I am having an extremly hard time deciding between HD 7970 and GTX 680.....

My budget is around 450ish +\- 20 USD....

Just over 5 month ago 680 was clearly the better choice as in performance but now people are saying 7970 is better than 680 even with both on stock settings... Never knew just an update with graphic driver would turn things around this much.

Sapphire HD 7970 stock version is selling at 379.99 at newegg
Sapphire Vapor-X 7970 Ghz edition is selling at 469.99 at newegg
Evga SuperClocked 680 2684 KR is selling at 469.99 also in newegg

Currently my fav pick is EVGA SC 680 but from what i understand 7970 Out performs 680 currently 12/12/12.
So whats up with that and what are the best choices with my MAXIMUM budget?
I cannot find 680 cheaper then 469 currently but with backplate and cool design i dont mind grabbing one of these given that they are better then 7970 ones that are on same price level eg GHZ edition

My deadline is around christmas time and before 2013 hits

I wont be able to upgrade gpu after this one for a while since i plan on going part time work after this year... So i want the best one i could get my hands on with my maximum budget xD

and my monitor is 1900x1080 resol w 75hz refresh rate
Thanks for the help!
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  1. Both are awesome, it really depends on what games you play. Some games perform better on an Nvidia card, while others tolerate AMD better. Also, if you like PhysX, then go for Nvidia. Otherwise, you won't go wrong with either one of the GPUs.
  2. HD 7970 does not really outperform GTX 680. What you've been hearing is that HD 7970 is worth getting because it's significantly cheaper. GTX 680 is still the king of performance, though, it's a bit overpriced (when compared to GTX 670 at least, which is only 5-10% slower).
  3. So best single gpu is GTX 680?
    And if thats the case what version should i go.for?
    There are like 20 different evga 680 versions it is stupid
    or should i go for different manufacturer?
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    EVGA is great. They are known for having many card revisions for almost every card they make :). If you like them, make sure to get a card with an aftermarket cooler, rather than the reference one. Like this one:
  5. I'd recommend getting the Lightning edition MSI card. It's the only one that allows overvolting the GPU core, making overclocking extremely fun and profitable. That and it's amazing right off the bat- I think it's factory overclocked and MSI uses military-grade components for all of their Twin Frozr cards.
  6. MSI Lightning Edition is a very nice card as well.
  7. Factory oc means its very stable card right?
    Cause im just worried 470dollar cards becomming undstable right after RMAable date lol
  8. If it's factory overclocked, then it has been tested for days and it has ran stable at all times. Also, it will work at the same temps that a non-overclocked, reference card would.
  9. Yes, it's rock stable if you don't touch it. It should overclock easily as well, and you should be able to find stable settings.
  10. Thanks for extremly quick replys guys xD
    i think ill just go with EVGA since i wont be ocing much myself =)
    hopefully i can get those cards cheaper on a sale xD
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  12. I'm glad I helped you make a choice. You will not be sorry.
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