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I have installed an unregistered version 8 which I had on a previous comp[uter.,over a windows 7 os. I do not have a disc but have the windows 7 key.
PLease advise,

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  1. So do you want to go back to 7 or get a product key for 8? The Windows 7 key will not work with 8, but there might a downloadable version of Windows 7 from the Microsoft website in case you want to revert. Of course they wouldn't give you the product key, but it's meant for people who have one but not the disc.
  2. go ******************************************** ype the windows 7 version you have that matches the product key and download that version of windows 7 and burn it onto a disc. Then you can use the product key for that version.
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  4. SteelCity1981 said:

    Dude, you're in danger of the banhammer.
  5. The Stealthinator said:
    Against the rules to post up this on Toms!

    The problem we would have with this is not as you think. Public and legal copies of various Windows versions ARE available and legal to download. The only problem here is acquiring the OS through a suspicious channel.

    Here is a more appropriate way to download Windows 7
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