CPU upgrade or HDD to SSD?

Current specs:

Pentium G860
NVIDIA GT 610 (Not looking at a GPU upgrade ATM)
350W Sea Sonic PSU

A 128GB SSD and i3-3220 are both around the same price. Which would be the better upgrade? It's a home/office/light gaming rig. The SSD would be bottlenecked by SATA 3GB/s, which would certainly be a factor. Feel free to suggest other options, but I don't want to have to upgrade PSU. Thanks
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  1. Don't think the cpu would be a limit with what you use the computer.t;s not like you'll notice much difference in speed. A ssd even with the limits of sata2 connection will speed up the computer especially booting up. Less speed on everyday tasks. If this is what you're looking for get a ssd. A ssd can ago be used in another computer less so with the cpu. If not save the money.
  2. You're never ever going to actually use 3GB/s, they just list that because that's its max transfer rate. If you upgrade to a i3-3220, you have to upgrade your motherboard too.
  3. Good ssd exceed that speed, they almost bump into sata3 limits. H61 mobo can use irybridge i3 if the manufacturer has a BOIS update.
  4. go for the SSD since a platter won't saturate a SATA 1.5Gbs.

    i have seen a few folks claim that even with SATA 3Gbs that, aside from benchmarks, the only time they experience a bottleneck is large sequential performance .

    btw, that mobo does support ANY socket 1155 cpu:

    save up for an i5 :)
  5. same here, vote for ssd
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