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Discrete GPU working fine (Failing integrated one)


Mobo: GA-H61M-DS2 rev2.2
CPU: Core i3 2100
Memory: 2x2Gb
GPU: GeForce 7200Gs

Problem: Computer starts up fine when connected to the 7200Gs. But when connected to the integrated GPU, can hear the sounds, but no display at all, not even at POST (or bios).

Background information: Previously had an AsRock mobo that fried up, it wouldn't beep when RAM had been taken out, took it to a local tech and diagnosed it was the mobo.

Specific question: Do you think it is a bad mobo, or can the gpu from the i3 be malfunctioning?

I'm open to any other suggestion.
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  1. I think you should adjust BIOS first to transfer data from your integrated GPU not the PCIE slot before you connect your monitor to the motherboard's video output in the rear panel....
    Try and let me know the result,,,,
  2. Done. I tried but now I don't get a display neither from PCIe or mobo's VGA. Had to clear CMOS to regain display from PCIe.
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    Am sure your intel HD drivers are up to date but if not, update 'em and retry....and i doubt that the integrated gpu on the i3 is malfunctioning, i would check the mobo itself first, take the motherboard back to where you buy it from and have it checked...
  4. That's right, drivers were updated.

    Took machine to the local shop, tech tested CPU on known good motherboard, and same problem happened. It seems like the culprit is the cpu's gpu chip. It's weird, though, that only the graphic part of the CPU is damaged.

    Now, I'm thinking my old mobo might not be bad after all, would have to test myself, can't fully trust local "techs". Anyway, thanks for your help, this thread can now be tagged as solved.
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