Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 vs ATI Radeon HD7970 - December 2012

It seems to be a trend for 670 to constantly pass the 7970 in performance. The 7970 had its days of lead back in June with the catalyst 12.7. But since then it seems to have been bypassed in performance again, according to a few later tests from September. There is this one review from November, but the catalyst driver there is a newer version compared to the nvidia driver. So it kinda doesn't count.

Anyway. In the long run, it seems like the 670 bypasses the 7970 in performance, even with it's lower price tag. And even though the 7970 should be compared to the 680. Sure, it does pass the 680 in performance at times, mostly at the 2k resolutions, but like I said, when newer catalyst drivers are used, versus older nvidia ones.

But due to Nvidia releasing drivers more often, and having overall more stable drivers, it feels like the 670 will always have the lead over 7970. Anyone agree?
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  1. What needs to be done is a new test from this month, with both using the latest drivers (which were released just 1 day apart). If the 670 wins again, then it's basically a fact that the 670 is the better one, and getting it gives you the most bang for your buck.
  2. The HD 7970 should be faster.
  3. it should be since it's more expensive, but it doesn't seem to be the majority of times.
  4. I think they should do a 670 with 310.70 vs 7970 with 12.11 test-
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