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Hey all, I have an issue with my Acer Aspire 5560G-7809 Laptop, running A6-3420M cpu and 6520G+7670M dual GPU with 4 GB DDR3.

It performs miserably on games that I see others with the same setup playing. On BF3 for example, I only get around 22 FPS on low settings everything and 1280x720P. My 7670M is working correctly though, as GPU-Z shows that it is running up to 70% during bf3 gameplay, and I had set it to high performance in Catalyst 12.8.

I've seen others improve their performance without buying anything new. I've read several threads of people successfully overclocking the 7670M/cpu:, and I've also seen someone improve their performance greatly with a certain method of driver updating :

But either I don't really understand what these people are doing because their instructions aren't specific enough for us newbies or they have a different laptop model than me.

So I guess this boils down to a very general question...How do I improve the performance of my laptop in playing BF3 and other games? I am open to any and all methods possible. Maybe someone can translate the steps in the links above for me into more simpler terms, and tell me if it would work for my setup, or come up with a step-by-step instruction for me to improve performnace.

I honestly don't know jack about laptops, overclocking or anything, and welcome any method to improve frames in games. thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi There,

    It is weird that you are only getting 22 fps.

    Try disabling dual graphics and force the laptop to use the 7670M alone. Dual graphics is finicky in Llano setup at times and the new drivers are not helping.

    Find and install MSI Afterburner 2.30, Turn off ULPS and activates unofficial overclock mode.

    1. Start>Write Regedit>Start Regedit.
    First step in how to start regedit in the disable ULPS guide.

    2. Press CTRL+F then search for EnableULPS, doubleclick on it change it from "1" to "0". Ok.


    I can overclock my 7670m from 600 to 780 mhz without problems and boast a 20% increase in performance.


  2. Hey thanks for reply!

    I have tried disabling crossfire in Catalyst if that's what you meant, but I don't get an increase to performance :(

    And as for overclocking, is it really that easy? I talked to someone who told me not to because laptop will get really hot and unstable. Did you OC the same laptop as me successfully or another? Are there any other risk involved?

    Thank you
  3. My laptop does get hot after overclock. so I spent 15 CAD for a coolermaster cooling pad and to my surprise, did reduce my laptop's temperature.

    you can monitor the temperature with msi afterburner. Your laptop shouldn't heat up to more than 85 degrees.

    I don't have the same laptop as you, but many has successfully overclock a 7670M with little increase in heat.

    Another thing is that since your 7670M is running at 70% without crossfire, something is bottlenecking it, either slow CPU or memory. Try overclocking the CPU with K10stat.

    Another thing to try is to tweak driver settings at the Catalyst Control Panel.

    Turn off Tesselation, v-sync.

    Reduce Texture and Anti aliasing to performance mode.

    Try these settings first. it may make your game look like crap, but shoudl run faster and it is the easiest thing to do.
  4. Well, I can tell you from experience. I have a (Spare) laptop that I bought my sister for general purposes. Has a Core i3-3110M , AMD 7670M ,1366/768 Res and 6GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM. I downloaded BF3 on it just out of curiosity of how the 7670M would perform and I could only play at a mixture of Low, Mostly Med settings with an average of 25-40FPS. The 7670M 70% Usage could def be a bottleneck of some kind.
  5. So it should be a 100% usage or something?

    BTW I can't really try anything yet because I'm studying my butt off for finals and don't have time/don't wanna potentially destroy my laptop which is a major studying too right now.

    I will try OCing in 3 days once I get back home, so thanks for advice.

    As for bottleneck, what could be bottlenecking me? Because I really doubt that my CPU (which is a quad-core) could be bottlenecking a low ended card like the 7670M :(. And I never knew that RAM could bottleneck, interesting.

    I will try to post back results after Iget back and OC. Sorry for the inactivity in the meantime, and thanks for all your help
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