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So I just build my first pc, put it together last night. I have three drives I'm connecting to the SATA3 ports on my motherboard. (its the asrock z77 extreme4). I have an optical drive, a western digital hdd, and a kingston ssd. When I first hooked them all up, they were all three visible in boot options in BIOS. I installed windows onto the ssd, from inside windows it could see the hdd but not do anything with it. I turned off the computer and opened up BIOS but now only the ssd and optical drive are listed. In the system browser it still shows the three drives connected but the hdd is not listed in the boot options. When I get back into windows it cannot even find the hdd. I have tried connecting them into different SATA3 ports but to no avail. If I disconnect all the drives except the hdd, then it will show up in the boot options, but that doesn't do me much good. Please help!
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  1. Try a Sata 2 port. HDD can't exceed SATA 2 speeds anyway.

    You might also try swapping SATA cables to see if the issue moves with the cable.
  2. You have to format the drive, watch part three of the newegg youtube video "how to build a computer", it's says it towards the end.
  3. This is the video....
    Go to about 29:18 in the video.
  4. I agree, the formatting is likely the issue.

    Here's a TEXT summary:
    1. Go to "Computer Management"-> "Disk Management"
    2. right-click the Hard Drive-> "Add Volume"
    3. Then *FORMAT it.
    4. Should appear in Windows Explorer now.

    There is a Quick and Full format. I strongly recommend you do a FULL format before using it. This Reads and Writes each location to build a Bad Sector Table. If you only do a quick format you may have bad sectors and get corrupted data.

    A full format takes HOURS (roughly 10 hours on a 2TB drive). You can still use your computer but don't shut it OFF until formatting finishes or you'll need to restart.
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