Purchase new video card?

Recently started having a cooling issue with my GTX 280. Thread about it can be found
here. http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1731337

Currently have a small budget $75 and was wondering what would be my best option.

Option A. Purchase an Accelero Xtreme GTX PRO Cooler. $40 - $70
+ Overclock after install.

Option B. Purchase a budget video card.

Geforce GTX 450 > Geforce GTX 650 > Radeon HD 7770

After looking at reviews of these cards it looks like the GTX 280 would outperform them if OC to GTX 285 specs with aftermarket cooler.
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  1. The thing I would think is what if the cooler does not solve your issues, and you still have no working card? Why not ebay yours just disclose everything, and look at least at a 7770 or GTX 650 TI?
  2. Wish for a new GPU for Christmas, buddy! If you have been good then santa will bring you a sparkling new GTX 660 or GTX 670!
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