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So i ordered an MSI 660 TF 2GD5 a while ago. At that time, the OC version of this card was not in stock. The normal version is 980 Mhz core, with a 1033 boost, while the OC version is 1033 Mhz Core, with a 1095 Boost. Is it worth sending the card back to amazon and buying the OC version? its the same price, just wondering if its worth the hassle.
Keep in mind that these are not the Ti versions.

Not OC-
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  1. Just overclock the one you have, it's MSI- it's literally begging to be OC'd :D Don't return it to get the other one, it's just too much hassle just for a slight boost in clock speed.
  2. If it comes with the same cooling the boost should stay the same as the overclocked version. So to speak, the overclock won't matter.

    I've owned 2 different GTX 660, one by inno3D which was with a aftermarket cooler and a Little bit of oc, it went to 1084 MHz on boost. It had faulty cooling which was making the GPU hit85 degrees. I then got a GTX 660 by club3d, this Card was with the reference cooler and at stock speeds. Because of the better cooling (it only gets 70-72 degrees)at boost it reaches 1110,5 MHz. It all comes Down to how hot your GPU will get and then the GPU will overclock itself as fit. :)
  3. I do not think it's worth the hassle you would have to pay shipping back fee plus wait a week before you got the new card screw all that
  4. Not worth the hassle, Just simply OC the one you have
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