Weird graphics

As a picture is worth a thousand words:

Can anyone please tell me whats causing the GFX errors in the ice path?
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  1. I forgot to write specs for if they are of any help.

    Asus Sabertooth X79 with a I7-3820.
    Nvidia Geforce 680 GTX.
    Windows 7.
  2. Could you describe what's wrong? I cannot really see anything wrong with it. Then again, I don't even know what game it is so I don't know how the ice should look in the first place.
  3. Look at the "dotted" stripes in the ice.
    I have the same problem in other games, in Just Cause 2 it fills the entire screen when moving fast.
    It's just a little more visible here.

    The game is Dota 2 btw. :)
  4. Which driver version are you running?
  5. Version 310.70
  6. looks like a monitor issue and not a gpu issue. have you tried led monitor test that puts up standard patterns and see if the error shows up on the monitor.
  7. Monitor issue wouldn't show up on a screenshot.

    @OP: I'd suggest reinstalling graphics driver and the game.
  8. Done both, no change :/
  9. Do you have a free partition/extra hard drive? You could install windows and steam to it and check whether the problem persists.
  10. Sorry for the long reply time, was on vacation.

    Anyway, i tried formatting with no change to the problem. :(
    Here is another picture of the problem, if you look at the woman the in foreground you will be able to see the problem much better.
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