I'm upgrading from a Radeon 5830, when would I be seeing a big increase in performance? I was looking at a 670, how much of an upgrade would that be from that card? And if so, what brands out there are trustworthy to buy from?
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  1. See this hierarchy chart:,3107-7.html

    If you jump up 2 to 3 levels you will see a big increase. Befre you go out and buy a new GPU make sure of the following:

    Your power supply will handle the new video card.
    The new card will fit in your case
    Your CPU will not bottleneck the new graphics card on games
  2. I'm just upgrade my computer(except GPU) so for power supply, I'm using a Seasonic X750 750w gold plus, which should be good enough I hope. My case is an Antec twelve hundred full tower case and my cpu is a i5 3570k. I haven't overclocked my cpu yet, debating on what I should use to replace the cooler it came with.

    Edit: Just looking at the link, wow a 670 would probably be a huge difference so long as my cpu doesn't bottleneck it.
    The card I was looking at was the MSI N670GTX-PM2D2GD5/OC GeForce GTX 670 2GB on newegg. Would I be better off spending a bit more and getting the dual fan version instead?
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    Your CPU won't bottle neck anything out there, and your PSU is more than powerful enough for anything out there. That card you have is great, it has the fan that exausts air out right away, and I hear those are the best ones to get. I like MSI cards the best too.
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