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I can't get my MSI motherboard to take more than 2gb of ram. The board is supposed to be able to handle 8gb.
MSI G41M-P43
Intel Q6700 (2.66ghz)
Patriot G2 memory 1333 (2x4gb)
MSI GTX550 ti
OCZ 600w pwr. supply
Win 7 home premium 64bit
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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  1. what do you mean "cant get"
  2. TheN00bBuilder said:
    You did put them in the same color slots, right? Or, does the motherboard have a maximum amount of RAM per stick that can be added?

    Only have 2 memory slots with a maximum of 8gb per MSI specs.
  3. Outlander_04 said:
    what do you mean "cant get"

    can't get = will not accept
  4. in BIOS or in windows?
  5. I would probably look at the bios version you have and see if you need to update...
    Also is there a vendor list of prefered ram?
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