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How loud would this be? Fan on a XFX HD7750

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 12, 2012 8:02:48 PM

I'm looking into a new video card but I'm curious about how loud the fan on it will be. The card is a XFX AMD Radeon HD 7750 1GB GDDR5.

My current card is a nvidia gt430 and I haven't been able to find any information on how loud it is for comparison.

The gt430 has no control so i'm fairly sure it's stuck on at least 65% power or higher all the time while the 7750 is supposed to have fan control I believe.

I've tried reading up on the 7750 and I've found values from 35-45dbA and that that is equivalent to a "living room" or a "bubbling brook" but I'm still having trouble imagining how loud either of those would actually be.

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November 25, 2013 1:50:43 AM

I have the 2GB version of this video card, and I am able to tweak the fan control with the AMD Graphic Overdrive setting in the newest version of Catalyst, but also other overclocking software. When I crank up the fan control setting to 100% I can't hear it over my other case fans. In fact, I can barely hear it at all unless I crank it up with the case door off and put my ear up to the open case.

I have found that this card runs its fan at around 39% fan speed and 44 degrees almost all the time, but I'm really not a huge gamer, I just have 4 monitors going (soon to be 5 is this whole DisplayPort adapter I just ordered works out. Muhahah!) That said, with MSI Afterburner, you can actually tune the fan curve to speed up and slow down based on GPU temps, which is pretty cool.

I have mine overclocked by about 10% for GPU clock and memory clock, but when I mess with the voltages too much beyond 4%, my system gets a little flaky, if not completely crashes. I'm pretty new to overclocking video cards though, I just started tweaking my GPU stuff when I was playing around with the new features of the latest AMD Catalyst and have been reading as I go. I'm thinking it's possible to do more with it, but again, I'm not a huge gamer, and my other card is a Radeon HD 6850 that only 1GB RAM and runs at about 52% fan speed at 50-55 degrees unless I am benchmarking. I have not been able to stress out either card much at all since I don't have any crazy games to push their limits (though I did consider Max Payne 3, the first one was pretty good).

In short, if the fan noise is rated between 35-45dbA (which I didn't know, thanks for the info) then most case fans that are 120mm or more are going to be a little bit quieter than that. Most of my fans are 120mm, but a lot of the older 80mm fans can average around 40dbA if they push a lot of air. It's basically like if you crank this fan up to 100% you might baaaaaaarely hear it over the other fans, but if you're in a game that is stressing out your card GPU that much, you aren't going to hear it over the action.

I have about 12+ case fans, and the loudest one is around 45bdA when its cranked up to full blast, and pushes 171 CFM, which is pretty much retarded. Most people are not going to need all that, but I'm basically putting the finishing touches on my dream system that I've always wanted to build. The thing I really skimped on, was getting this graphics card in a version that didn't have Crossfire (Which admittedly sucks a little since I have another card that DOES have CF, but I still have a single PCI x8 slot empty... -grin-).

This card is apparently not the best series of Radeon, as the HD 6850 with half the RAM SMOKES the XFX HD 7750 2GB DDR3 in every benchmark but temperatures. It's a great multi-monitor card though, which is all I was really after when I bought it. I like have a video playing while I surf the web and have my multiple IDEs open while I'm "working" (if you want to call it that with this awesome rig I'm using).

Which version of this card do you have? and what kinds of benchmarks are you getting out of it? I'm considering BitCoin mining with it and am interested in what other owners think about it.